How can I force my www and non www domain name to appear the same without affecting other domains?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


In your reports you are seeing your domain with and without www on the front and wish to combine them.

For example:

There are three possible ways to cause these domains to become a single domain.

1. The preferred method for SDC logs is to use a server side redirect to force the domain to single common domain. By redirecting the user from domain.com to www.domain.com we can ensure that when the user lands on the page the entries in the SDC log files will always be for the desired domain name. Work with your Web Admins to implement this and ensure that query parameters are properly passed from the original URL to the redirected URL. If they are not, the ability to track campaigns or other possible parameters may be lost.

2. If you cannot do a server side redirect and are still using SDC logs, an alternative is to place a meta tag on each page that will override the domain with the desired domain name. You will need to implement this on every page that you wish to override and ensure that no unintended domains are modified accidentally. To accomplish this, simply place the following on your page and replace the (domain) with your desired domain:

This will tell the SDC to ignore the current domain and place the value in the meta tag into the logs instead when sending the request.

3. The last method of combining the domains is to override the domain field during analysis. Overriding the domain name in this manner will work on both SDC and regular weblogs. However, this results in all domains being changed to the domain listed in the Home field of the profile. If you only have one domain in the logs then this is not a problem to implement. If you have other domains that should not be changed, for example, offsite links that show the domain of the destination page, this method will not work well as all other domain names will be lost. To implement this change, see Multiple domains and/or variation of the same URL appear in the Pages report.