Will the visits be carried from domain to domain within Visitor Data Mart?


Webtrends Vistor Data Mart


Webtrends Visitor Data Mart uses the WT.vtvs parameter found within a log file to determine the start time of a visit. It can be used to keep visits the same visit when crossing domains within the organization.


Visit Start Time can be carried from domain to domain as long as the following criteria is met:

  1. Tracking visits across domains within VDM is only possible from domain to sub-domain or sub-domain to sub-domain, or sub-domain to domain. If these are different domains entirely, visits will not be tracked across them.
  2. The tag versions are the same, and version 10 or higher. If you have different tag versions such as a V8 tag on one domain and a V10 tag on another, the VTVS parameter will be reset when visiting the new domain. This is a result of the V8 tag generating the vt_sid parameter via the Javascript and the V10 tag generating the vt_sid parameter via the tag server. Each of these use the Visit Start Time in WT.vtvs parameter, however in the V8 tag this is in milliseconds and the V10 tag it’s seconds. Neither are compatible with each other and if there’s a need to track visits across domains, then the tags must be consistent between the sites.
  3. The gDomain within the tag matches the domains and sub-domains that you’re tracking.