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VDM is heavily reliant upon the ability of Third Party Cookie tracking. The Webtrends SmartSource Data Collector (SDC) generates and stores a unique value for the WT.vt_sid parameter with the Webtrends? Third Party Cookie (ACOOKIE). Each unique WT.vt_sid value is representative of a new visit, regardless of time between hits.

In the event that the Webtrends’ Third Party Cookie is not available, (turned off at the browser, etc) WT.vt_sid is not generated and VDM will fall back to a value derived from the combination of WT.vtid + WT.vtvs, which is generated by the Webtrends’ javascript tracking code. Like above, each unique combination of WT.vtid + WT.vtvs is representative of a new visit.

More Information

Please refer to the attached documentation for a more in-depth explanation if visit tracking within VDM.