Upgrade to Webtrends Analytics 8.5 – Best Practices


Webtrends Analytics 8.0d
Webtrends Analytics 8.1a
Webtrends Analytics 8.5


Contact Webtrends Technical Support for an upgrade checklist and information about best practices to consider when upgrading to Webtrends 8.5 or 8.5a.

The two supported upgrade paths to 8.5x are as follows:
8.0d > 8.5x
8.1a > 8.5x

Note: Although the option exists to upgrade to Webtrends Analytics 8.5, rather than 8.5a, it is recommended 8.5a is chosen. Version 8.5a introduces improvements to the product, but more importantly, this is the designated build from which upgrades to later versions is possible. If the installation is upgraded to version 8.5, and it is then later decided to upgrade to a more current release, the installation must first be upgraded to 8.5a, after which it can then be upgraded to the versions that follow.