Unable to use split criteria for Parent-Child profiles using regular expression beginning with a carat


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 7.x


Parent-Child profiles cannot use reg expressions using a carat “^” as the 1st character


Parent-Child profiles cannot use regular expressions using a carat “^” as the first character when defining the split criteria, based on URL, that is specifying the top-level page or directory. During the processing of Parent-Child profiles, the analysis has proceeded to the point where the domain has already been concatenated to the URL before the split criteria is applied.


The resolution for this is to use the domain itself to denote the first level directory.

Example: A Webtrends user wants to split a child profile using the URL and only want it to include the /about/ directory when it is the top-level directory and not when it is found as part of the sub-directory of the URL.

Directory on which to be reported:


But not report when it is found inside another directory:


Standard Regular Expression to accomplish this (which won’t work):


Parent-Child Regular Expression to accomplish this:


Note: For other features using Page or URL definitions, you would NOT include the domain in the definition since these features are run on the fields in the logs. The above is unique to Parent-Child profiles.