Unable to upgrade because the Webtrends system database component is not installed when Webtrends is installed on servers using MS SQL


Webtrends Analytics 8.0c
Webtrends Analytics 8.0b
Webtrends Analytics 8.0a
Webtrends Enterprise 7.5x
Webtrends Professional 7.5x
Webtrends Small Business 7.5x


Prior to version 8.0c, the Webtrends installer would populate the system database from a remote machine without requiring the system database components be installed on the host. Attempts to upgrade past version 8.0c prompt users to upgrade the system database before proceeding. When running the installer on the host running the MS SQL database, no option to upgrade is available because the system database component has not been installed.


The following steps outline the process for installing the system database component while retaining the contents of the database. It is recommended a backup of the installation is made before continuing.

1. Stop all Webtrends services (on all machines, if in a distributed environment).

2. In the MS SQL database, detach the two original database files (wt_sched and wtmaster) and save to a secure location.

3. Create two empty databases with the same name as those mentioned in 2. above.

4. Confirm the “sa” account (used by Webtrends as the database’s service account) has the permissions required for functionality.

5. Install the same version of Webtrends currently used on the host running the MS SQL database (the upgrade will be possible after this process has been completed).

6. Select a custom installation, and under the components options only check the box for the system database.

7. After the installation is complete, stop all of the running Webtrends services (started at the end of the installation process).

8. In the MS SQL database, detach the recently created databases.

9. Reattach the original databases.

10. Perform a modified installation (again, using the same version).

11. In the MS SQL database, in wt_sched, locate the wt_hostservicerole table.

12. Locate the two entries containing a ServiceRoleTokenID of 1006.

13. Delete the line that has the HostID that is not the HostID of the MS SQL host. The entry to be deleted will likely be for HostID 1.

14. Restart the Webtrends services and confirm the installation is functional as it was before, after which the upgrade may proceed.