Unable to install Webtrends SmartReports or ODBC driver using Firefox


Webtrends Analytics 8.1


Attempts to install Webtrends SmartReports or the Webtrends ODBC driver fail while using Firefox as the browser. Instead of installing, a download box for the file “Install.Application” displays. The file does nothing, whether it is opened or saved then opened.


This issue occurs because the ClickOnce add-in is not installed in FireFox by default. The following three options explain how to enable functionality.

1. Use Internet Explorer to install SmartReports or the ODBC driver.

2. Navigate to the following URL to install FFClickOnce for Firefox:


3. In installations licensed for Webtrends Marketing Warehouse, select the option “Install Webtrends Explore” and choose to install the ClickOnce add-in. This will require a restart of Firefox.

For options 2. and 3., once ClickOnce has been installed, return to the Install Components section, then select Webtrends SmartReports and/or Webtrends ODBC driver to install the client.