Unable to access or delete a file on Windows Server 2003


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Enterprise 7.x
Webtrends Professional 7.x
Webtrends Small Business 7.x


On Server 2003, If the user installing Webtrends is not logged into the Admin account, the permissions may not be properly assigned.


In the event that there is a permissions issue, log in as Administrator to install Webtrends or to change the permissions as needed.

To test this whether or not there is a possible security or policy issue impacting Webtrends, follow the steps below:

1. Log in as Administrator.

2. Navigate to the Webtrends folder.

3. Right click and select Sharing and Security.

4. Select the Security tab and add Everyone with Full Control over the Webtrends folder.

5. Then click on the Advanced button.

6. Check the box for “Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects.”

7. Click Apply to save the changes.

A new window will appear that tracks the progress of the changes. While these changes occur, if an error pops up stating that Windows cannot make a change to a folder or file the user is not logged in as Administrator and is most likely logged in on an account that is part of the Administrator group. Log out of the account and log in as the “Administrator” user account and start over.

If the changes are successful and the product begins functioning correctly there is a permissions/policy issue in the environment. We recommend the permissions be adjusted according to the corporate security policy. Should the product stop functioning after making changes to the security or policies then review the changes that were made to determine how it may impact Webtrends.