SQL Express installation directory can not exceed 58 characters


Webtrends Analytics 8.7
Webtrends Analytics 8.5


When the installation or upgrade fails, the SQL error log displays the message:

“Cannot dump ##MS_AgentSigningCertificate##.”


This problem occurs if the length of the installation path exceeds 58 characters. The default path may look as follows, totaling 53 characters and should install without issue:

C:\Program Files\Webtrends\common\database\SQLExpress

The following custom path, totaling 60 characters, will fail with the above error message:

C:\Program Files\USRapps\Webtrends\common\database\SQLExpress

This issue may be more common on non-English operating systems where “Program Files” in the native language is longer. For example, in Spanish, the folder name is “Archivos de programa” and will, by default, exceed the character limitation.


If this is a new installation, reduce the length of the path to keep it under 58 characters. If it is an upgrade, Webtrends will need to be backed up, uninstalled, then reinstalled to a new path and have the data restored. Consult a Senior Tech if you have any questions about this process.