Setup was unable to successfully configure the SDC ISAPI filter.


Webtrends Analytics 8.x


During installation of the SmartSource Data Collector (SDC), the following error message displays:

“Setup was unable to successfully configure the SDC ISAPI filter. Select the OK button to complete the installation.”

The installation completes, but does not create the SDC web site in Internet Information Services (IIS).


To install the SDC on Microsoft IIS 6.0, follow the steps below:

1. Install the program and let it complete after displaying the error message.

2. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools and open the IIS management console. Confirm the SDC web site does not exist under “Web Sites”

3. Right-click on “Web Sites” and select New > New Web Site.

4. Follow the New Web Site Wizard through the steps as prompted. Keep in mind that unless the port for the default web site is changed then port 80 will already be in use. The Home Directory path will use the following folder:

/SmartSource Data Collector/Util/content

Set access permissions to Read, then complete the Wizard.

5. Right-click the new Web Site, choose Properties, then select the ISAPI Filters tab.

6. Select “Add,” provide the name “iislogserver.dll” and then browse to the following path:

/SmartSource Data Collector/bin

Select iislogserver.dll, then select Open > OK > Apply and select OK to save the changes and close the Web Site properties.

7. Go to Start > Run > and type “cmd” to open a command line window.

8. Type “iisreset” to restart IIS. It should take a moment for IIS to restart, but once that has completed the SDC should be working now.

It may be necessary to apply further changes to the configuration to allow the SDC to run as desired. The steps below outline this process.

1. In the ISS Manager, drill down to the SmartSource Data Collector Web Site and, right-click and select “Properties” and then select the Web Site tab.

2. Uncheck the “HTTP Keep-Alives (HTTP Keep-Alives Enabled)” checkbox. This is highly recommended so that each request is discrete.

3. Uncheck the IIS Logging (Enable Logging) checkbox.

4. Select the “Home Directory” tab.

5. Disable Script source access, Write, Directory browsing, Log visits, and Index this resource. Enable Read.

6. Remove any custom application settings under “Application Settings.”

7. Select the “Documents” tab.

8. Uncheck the “Enable Default Document” checkbox.

9. Uncheck the “Enable Document Footer” checkbox.

10. Select the “Custom Errors” tab.

11. Select all HTTP Errors and select “Set to Default” then Apply and click OK to save the changes and exit.

12. In the \SmartSource Data Collector folder, right-click on the following directories and files, select “Sharing and Security…” and select the “Security” tab.
Select “Add…” and enter “NETWORK SERVICE” to add the identity, then grant these permissions:

\SmartSource Data Collector\log (Allow: Read, Write)

\SmartSource Data Collector\bin\identity” (Allow: Read, Write)

\SmartSource Data Collector\bin\licdta” (Allow: Read, Write)

13. In addition to the above settings, it is necessary to set the number of worker processes to one. In the IIS Manager, under Application Pool > Properties > Performance, set “Maximum number of worker processes” to 1. Select Apply, then OK to close the Properties window.