Required parameters for populating Insight dashboard for mobile tracking


Webtrends Analytics 9.2x


In order to populate the Insight dashboard, the following parameters need to be included:

WT.co_f – Vistior identifier (Analytics)
WT.co=yes – Fixed Value. Legacy requirement. Means “cookies supported = yes”. Analytics will reject data if not present.
WT.ets – Event/Epoch timestamp. Forward looking use case for dealing with offline out of order hits.
WT.tz – Time Zone of visitors current location
WT.vt_sid – Visitor identifier (VDM). Concatenation of: “WT.vtid” + “.” + “WT.vtvs”
WT.vtid – Visitor identier (VDM)
WT.vtvs – Start of visit (VDM)
WT.vt_f_d – New daily visitor indicator
WT.vt_f_s – New session visitor indicator
WT.vt_f – New visitor indicator
dcsuri – Describes object or content that was involved in application event. Typically represented as a path-like hierarchy

More Information

Details about the use of most these parameters can be found at: http://product.webtrends.com/WRC/OnDemand/ResourceCenter/rc/Library/PDF/AUG/Webtrends_Query_Parameter_Reference.pdf