Removal of the Visitors Trend report


Webtrends On Premises 8.x


In order to continue providing accurate and consistent web analytics information, the Visitors Trend report is no longer available in new profiles created within Webtrends Analytics 8 and later. Profiles defined in previous versions of Webtrends will continue to produce the Visitors Trends report. The reason for the removal of the Visitors Trend report was due to inconsistencies with data provided in other Webtrends reports and issues associated with large numbers of unique visitors.

The information contained with the Visitors Trend report is available in other Webtrends reports as follows:
  • Active Visits ? Active Visits information is available in the Key Metrics Summary report.
  • Refer to the help card for information on how this measure is calculated counted.
  • Visitors ? The Key Metrics Summary report provides unique visitor metrics for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual time periods.
  • Similar to the Visitors Trend report, the Key Metrics Summary report will automatically display the applicable time period measure using in ?dynamic visitors? measure column.
  • New Visitors ? The New vs. Returning Visitors report contains new visitor counts, as well as statistics on returning visitors.
  • Visitors that do not accept cookies will be counted in a separate line item called ?Visitors Not Accepting Cookies?.
  • Hourly breakdowns are provided in the graph by sorting on the dynamic visitors measure column.
  • Average Visit Duration ? Average and median visit duration is provided on the overview dashboard for all visits for the time period selected.
  • Visitor Minutes ? Visitor minutes information is no longer provided in the default Webtrends reports, though the data can be easily produced in a custom report.