How to share notes in Insight


Webtrends Analytics 9.2


You have added Notes to a profile in Insight and want to share them with other users.


To share Notes with other users in Insight, follow the steps below.
1. Add a Note by hovering over the “Notes” bar on the left, then left-clicking “+”. A section of the user interface highlights the Note settings.

2. Add content, date, time and whether or not the Note is to be shown in all profiles or only the current profile, then select “Save” to save the Note.
Note: To ensure the Note is visible to others, the checkbox for “Private (not added to Notes feed)” must not be checked.

3. Add the feed to the browser’s favorites/bookmarks. This can be done by selecting the RSS icon found in or near the address bar. Selecting the icon will present an option to subscribe to the feed named after the Note created in step 2.

4. The “Authentication Required” window displays. Enter your login credentials using the following syntax:


Where is the name of the Webtrends On Demand account used, and is the user account on the Webtrends On Demand account, separated by a backslash.

5. After logging in, the RSS feeds window displays. To share the URL for the Note, copy the URL from the address bar, then send it to the person with whom it will be shared.
Note: Users who receive the Note must have access to the profile in order to view it.

To subscribe to Notes from others, follow the steps below.
1. Log into the Insight user interface and navigate to the profile to which the Notes are attached.

2. Hover over the “Feeds (#):” text on the left, then left-click the “+” symbol. The RSS feeds window displays.

3. Enter the URL provided by the user for the Note to which you intend to subscribe, a name for the feed, your login credentials, then click “Save.”

The contents of the Note will now display among the feeds.

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