How to setup Insight Real-Time


Webtrends Analytics 9.2


After installing Webtrends Insight and Real-Time, you want to setup and configure the Real-Time Engine.


There are three parts to setting up the Insight Real-Time Engine. Please be aware that Real-Time only works for SDC profiles, and will only work for SDCs installed on the Windows operating system.
1. Enable Real-Time on your SmartSource DataCollector server.
a) Edit the \Webtrends\SmartSource Data Collector\sdc\cfg\webtrendssites.lst file.
b) Find the dcsid(s) that you want to enable real-time for, you will see a line like this:
dcs5w0txb10000wocrvqy1nqm_6n1p, -5, 1, NULL, 1, 1
Change it to look like:
dcs5w0txb10000wocrvqy1nqm_6n1p, -5, 1, 1, 1, 1
Increment the numbers (realtimeid column) for each data source. Your next line will look like this:
dcs6qyp7a10000ggzyg6f1d40_1j6l, -6, 2, 2, 1, 1
c) Save the file.
d) Edit the \Webtrends\SmartSource Data Collector\sdc\cfg\dcs.cfg file.
e) Under the [logserver] section, find “hostedmodel=false”. Change this to be “hostedmodel=true”.
f) Under the [servicemodel] section, find “servicemodel=false”. Change this to be “servicemodel=true”.
g) Save the file, stop and start the SmartSource Data Collector website within IIS.
h) Real-Time files will now start to generate in the \Webtrends\SmartSource Data Collector\sdc\realtime directory. These files will rotate every 5 minutes by default.
2. Configure Insight to process Real-Time logs.
a) Edit \Webtrends\RTE\Webtrends.RTE.exe.config (on the Insight machine)
b) Under , find
c) Change the value of the above key to reflect a valid UNC path where the Real-Time logs will be processed.
d) Save the file, restart the “Webtrends RealTime Engine” service.
3. Copy the Real-Time logs from the SDC to the UNC path you specified in the config file. It is not recommended that the SDC location and the UNC path be the same directory. You will need to automate a process via batch file or the like that copies the files over at specific intervals. (5min or so) Webtrends does provide a LogMover executable that can assist with this process if needed. You will need to speak with Technical Support in order to get the needed file and instructions.

More Information

This the default rotation of the Real-Time log files. (5 minutes) This can be changed, we do not recommend that it is set below 5 minutes.
This is the default location that the SDC will write the Real-Time log files to. We do not recommend that this be the same as the log file location for the Real-Time Engine.

Real-Time Engine:

This specifies if you want the Real-Time Engine to automatically delete the real-time logs after processing them. By default, this is turned off. To turn it on, set the value to “1”.