How to set up alerts in Insight


Webtrends Insight 9.2x


To set up alerts in the Webtrends Insight user interface, follow the steps below.


1. Log into Insight and navigate to the profile for which alerts will be received.

2. Mouse over “Alerts” on the left, then move the mouse to the right of the Alerts bar until a pop-up window displaying “Does not reach” or “Exceeds” appears.

3. Left-click on “Does not reach” to receive alerts that do not reach a certain threshold, or left-click on “Exceeds” to receive alerts that exceed a certain threshold. The “Alert Me When” screen displays.

4. Enter the value desired, or use the red slider in the graph above, then specify either “End of Day” or a specific hour.

5. Click Save to save the alert.

Alerts can be viewed within the Insight user interface by clicking on the “Alerts (#)” link in the upper right, next to “Help”.