How do I use a pipe character when creating a filter in Webtrends profiles?


Webtrends Log Analyzer 8.0x
Webtrends Log Analyzer Advanced 8.0x
Webtrends Reporting Center 5.0x
Webtrends Reporting Center 6.0x


If you are specifying several elements in a filter, you can separate the
elements using either a space or a pipe character (|). If you use a pipe
character to separate filter elements, there must be a space before and
after the pipe character.

For example:

Use the ‘Sites’ filter to include or exclude a specific Web site or domain
type for this analysis. By default, all site data is included in the
analysis, indicated by an asterisk (*) in the entry. The drop-down list
provides common domain and country extensions.

To specify multiple URLs, use wildcard characters. For example, to specify
all sites with .edu in the domain name, enter the following:


To specify several individual URLs, use a pipe (|) character: