How do I change the default port for scheduled reports for Webtrends 8.1x and earlier?


Webtrends Analytics 8.1


Webtrends uses port 7099 as its default port when exporting scheduled jobs. You want to change the port number to something other than 7099.

Execute the following queries:

UPDATE wtmaster.wt_globalsettings SET SettingValue = ‘http://servername:port’ WHERE SettingID = ’37’;
UPDATE wtmaster.wt_app_confdata SET data=’http://servername:port’ WHERE data=’http://servername:7099′;
UPDATE wt_sched.wt_parameter
LEFT JOIN wt_sched.wt_parametertoken
ON wt_sched.wt_parameter.parametertokenid = wt_sched.wt_parametertoken.parametertokenid
SET wt_sched.wt_parameter.value = ‘http://servername:port’
WHERE wt_sched.wt_parametertoken.description = ‘serverurl’;

…where ‘http://servername:port’ is the name of your server and the new port number.

In the case of multiple servers for which only one server needs to be changed, replace the last line in the sequence above with the following line:

WHERE wt_sched.wt_parametertoken.description = ‘serverurl’ AND wt_sched.wt_parameter.value = ‘http://servername:7099’;

…where ‘http://servername:7099’ is the name of the specific server whose port you want to change.