How can I convert from an Windows Apache SDC to a Windows IIS SDC?


Smart Source Data Collector


You’d like to change from an Apache SDC to an IIS SDC due to additional features and greater control over rotation and log file creation.


To change over, it would be best procure a second replacement machine to install the new IIS SDC on. When the new machine is ready for use you can stop the Apache machine and change your DNS as necessary. If you have a load balancer, you can follow these instructions one server at a time to keep at least one SDC available at all times. If you do not have a second machine to install on or a load balanced configuration, this process will require a few minutes downtime in order to change over. If IIS is already installed on the Windows machine, your SDC would be down for as little as 10 minutes. If it is not, you will need to add the time to install IIS to the expected down time. In order to keep all your previous dcsids and other relative settings that are still applicable in IIS, we can use the same dcs.cfg file and webtrendssites.lst file from the cfg folder from the original Apache installation.

To perform this change:

1. Determine a time that your SDC can be unavailable for up to an hour.

2. Obtain the latest SDC installer from here:

3. Copy the following folder to a safe location:
\webtrends\smartsource data collector\cfg

4. Copy the contents of your weblogs folder to a safe location. Ignore the locked files for now.

When uninstalling the SDC this folder will be completely removed along with it’s contents so it is important to copy the logs to another location if you wish to keep your previous log data. By copying finished log files prior to stopping the Apache service, we can avoid waiting for the copy to complete and extending the SDC down time.

5. Stop the Apache service

6. Copy any logs that could not be copied before due to being locked by the Apache service.

7. Uninstall the SDC from Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs.

8. Install IIS on the machine if it is not installed already.

It may be possible to install IIS prior to step 1 while Apache is still running to ensure the longest up-time possible. However, IIS may attempt to steal port 80 for the default website and leave Apache inaccessible during that time. This has not been tested.

9. Reinstall the SDC using the new installer and choose IIS when prompted.

10. Open Start>Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services and stop the newly created “Smartsource Data Collector” website.

11. Paste in the cfg folder from step 3 into the new location replacing the original files (The new files can be renamed if preferred).

12. If installing the 8.7d or earlier SDC, open the Webtrends\Smartsource Data Collecotr\bin folder

13. Paste in the attached iislogserver.dll to address a defect discovered with large cookies.

14. Start the Smartsource Data Collector website in Internet Information Services.

15. Browse around your website and verify that you see some new files appear in the weblogs folder to ensure that your SDC is properly logging.

16. Paste the log files from the original Apache installation into the new weblogs folder to keep all the files in one location if preferred.

17. Share the weblogs folder on the server as needed and update the Analytics Datasources locations as necessary.