Error: “The Webtrends System Database is not available. Setup is unable to proceed.”


Webtrends Analytics 8.1x
Webtrends Analytics 8.0x
Webtrends Enterprise 7.x
Webtrends Professional 7.x
Webtrends Small Business 7.x


When attempting to upgrade the product, the following error displays:
The Webtrends System Database is not available. Setup is unable to proceed.


Open the Windows Services snap-in and verify the “Webtrends – MySQL” service has started. If it was stopped, restart the service. If the service is unable to start, check the following files to make sure that the encrypted user name and password are correct and consistent:
\Webtrends\modules\tools\DeletedProfileCleanup.ini (Webtrends 7.5x only)
Although the credentials are encrypted, all user and password strings should be identical in every file in which they are expected to be found.
The agent.conf file is used by the installer for database authentication when performing an upgrade. If all of the applicable files above contain the expected credentials, the next step is to verify no issues exist in the database, and if so, to repair them. For more information about repairing a MySQL database, refer to KB 051545.
Attempt to run a repair on the database. Successful completion of the mysqlcheck process confirms the user name and password provided are correct and issues with the database tables that may be preventing authentication will be resolved. If it is believed the user name and/or password in any of the files listed above may be incorrect they can be re-encrypted by typing them in plain-text (replacing the hashed values) and then restarting the Webtrends services.
After completing the above steps, run the installer again.