ERROR: Cannot open database wtmaster requested by the login. The login failed.


Webtrends Analytics 8.1
Webtrends Analytics 8.0


When upgrading Webtrends Analytics 8.0x or 8.1x to 8.5x, the installation fails and the wtdbconversion.log, found in the \Webtrends\logs folder, displays the following error message:

ERROR: Cannot open database “wtmaster” requested by the login. The login failed.
Login failed for user ‘***’.


The installer stops and starts the Webtrends services as required. This error occurs when the installer fails to restart the MySQL service during the database conversion from MySQL to MS SQL.

  1. To work around this issue, paste the following into the run dialogue box or a command line window (include quotes): “C:\Program Files\Webtrends\common\database\mysql\bin\mysqld-nt.exe”
  2. Stop all Webtrends services except the “Webtrends – MySQL” service.
  3. Launch the 8.5 installer.
  4. Open Windows Task Manager and monitor the mysqld-nt.exe process. During installation, mysqld-net.exe may disappear. Launch it manually using the path above.
  5. Later during the installation, a prompt will appear stating another process has a lock on MySQL data file. Kill the mysqld-nt.exe process started in 4., then click “Retry” to continue.

The upgrade should now complete without issue.