Error 1920. Webtrends – Data Retention Service failed to start during new installation


Webtrends Analytics 8.7


When performing a fresh installation of Webtrends Analytics 8.7d, the error message “Error 1920. Webtrends – Data Retention Service failed to start” displays. This usually occurs with the Data Retention Service, though it is possible it may occur with others. Clicking “Retry” is never successful, and clicking “Cancel” causes the installation to fail.


The most commmon cause for this is adding a service account during the installation that is different than the account that is currently logged in and performing the installation, in addition to the bundled SQL Server 2008 Express being used. The installation assigns sysadmin and dbowner rights to the account currently logged in, but no account is created for the service account entered during the installation wizard.


There are two solutions to this, depending on the point during the installation where this occurs. If the cancel button has already been clicked and the installation has aborted, log in with the service account that will be used and complete the installation with that account.

If the cancel button hasn’t been selected, open the Services snap-in and modify all of the services that require authentication (i.e. the ones that do not use the Local System account) to the account that is currently logged into the system and then click on the Retry button. The installation will complete at that point and once it has finished, open SQL Server Management Studio (or install and then open if it hasn’t been installed yet) and add the account to be used as the Webtrends services account to the SQL server logins. Give the account sysadmin rights in the Server Roles and add it to both the wtMaster and wt_Sched databases with dbowner rights. The services can then be changed back to that service account and restarted.