Best practices for troubleshooting Webtrends 8.7d/SQL Server 2008 installation issues


Webtrends Analytics 8.7


*** Internal Only ***

If a customer is experiencing issues during the installation of Webtrends 8.7, then as a troubleshooting measure have them download and install SQL Server Express 2008 (and SQL Management Studio Express 2008 as well).

If they are not even able to install SQL Server 2008 as a stand-alone component, this would then suggest that environmental factors are somehow affecting the overall installation and it becomes a support issue to be resolved with their IT department.

If/Once the customer is able to install it, they will then need to do the following:

1. Create a Webtrends service account.
  • The service account must be a domain account.
  • The account must have administrator rights on the Webtrends server.
  • The account must have the following local security policies applied where necessary:
    • Allow logon locally
    • Log on as a service
2. Create blank wt_sched and wtmaster databases.
  • Instruct the customer to log into the database with Management Studio Express, right click on Databases, and select “New Database…”
    • In the “Database Name” field, enter wt_sched, then click Ok to create it.
    • Repeat the above step to create wtmaster.
3. Make sure the service account is the owner of the database and has the sysadmin role for the SQL Server.
  • In Management Studio Express, under Security > Logins, right-click and select “New Login…”
    • Under General, specify the domain\username in the “Login name:” field (or search for it), and select Windows authentication.
    • Under Server Roles, check the box for “Sysadmin.” Under User Mapping > Users mapped to this login: > Under the Map column, check the box for the “master” database and in the lower pane check the box for “db_owner.” Select OK to apply the changes, then exit Management Studio Express.
4. Using the SQL Server Configuration Manager utility that accompanied the SQL Server installation, under SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for MSSQLSERVER, enable “Named Pipes” and “TCP/IP” if they are not already enabled. Right-click on TCP/IP and select Properties, then make note of the port being used.

5. Now have the customer log into the server with the Webtrends service account and attempt to install 8.7d. During installation specify the SQL instance name and the port when prompted (1433 would be the default port, but is reserved for the default instance; in this case a successful installation requires using a named instance).