Why is my IP address filter still showing visitors with the filtered IP?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


A filter to exclude internal (or external) IP addresses was applied, but the Top Visitors report still shows traffic for the IP addresses that were supposed to have been filtered.


If an organization has employees that use laptops, and they transport those laptops between home and work, it can appear as if the IP addresses are not being properly filtered. What shows up in the visitor dimension is the value of the tracking method. If the customer is tracking by cookie (using an SmartSource Data Collector prior to version 9.4), this cookie value will include the IP address. If an employee surfs the site at work, then goes home with the laptop and surfs the site there as well, the cookie value will reflect the IP address from work, but the actual traffic will be generated from the IP address at home. If the filtering is for internal IP addresses, the external traffic will still be included in the reports, even though the cookie reflects the internal IP address.

To filter out the IP address from this report, create another filter that filters based on the cookie value and enter the IP range with wildcard as appropriate. Apply the filter, and from that point forward traffic from these users should be filtered as expected.