Why don’t licensed page views roll back when a profile and/or data source is deleted?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


After deleting profiles and/or data sources in an attempt to recover licensed page views, the collected page view count remains the same.


This is the expected behavior. The first time a log file is analyzed the licensed page view count increments in accordance with the number of valid entries it finds. Deletion of a profile and/or data sources does not roll back the licensed page view count for the current anniversary year or any year prior. A log file, once analyzed, can be reanalyzed any number of times without further incrementing the licensed page view count. If, however, the contents of a log file are modified, for example, when “scrubbing” a log of unwanted entries, Webtrends will view it as a new log file and the licensed page view count will increment as it would for any new log file.