Why can’t I use DCS parameters as query parameter in a report?


Webtrends On Premises 9.x


When you look at a hit to the Smartsource Data Collector using a proxy software such as Fiddler, you will see parameters being passed that start with dcs (IE dcssip, etc). If you attempt to create a report or filter off of these parameters, why doesn’t the filter or report work properly?


Parameters that start with dcs are used in columns outside of the query string (which is what filters and reports are limited to using with query parameters).

  • dcsuri is included in the cs-uri-stem field of the log file.
  • dcsref is included in the cs(Referer) field of the log file.
  • dcssip is included in the cs-host (the hostname or IP) field of the log file.
  • dcsua is included in the cs(User-Agent) field of the log file.
  • dcspro is included in the cs(Version) field of the log file.
  • dcsqry is included in the cs-uri-query field of the log file.
  • dcsaut is included in the cs-username field.
  • dcsmet is included in the cs-method field.
  • dcssta is included in the sc-status field.
  • dcsbyt is included in the sc-bytes field.
  • dcscip is included in the c-ip (the customer IP) field.
  • dcsredirect is not logged. It is used by the JavaScript tag to inform the SDC to generate a cookie if the first hit in the visit/session does not contain a cookie.
  • dcscfg is not logged. It is used by the the SDC/Tag server to control collection server behavior around TPC (Third Party Cookies)
  • dcsdat is not logged. The time stamp generated (in epoch time) is used to try and prevent caching of the dcs.gif by proxy servers or other network devices by generating unique hits.