Why are my licensed page views going up much faster than my analyzed page views?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


In looking at your licensed page views vs your analyzed page views, you are seeing a much larger increase in the licensed page views when a profile is analyzed than you are in the analyzed page views.


You may be able to get some information on this by going to Administration > Application Settings > Monitoring > Profiles > Most Active Profiles within your Webtrends user interface. This could at least give you a ratio as to what profiles are using more page views in general.

To really find out which data sources are using the most, you’d need to take a look at the logs themselves.

What kind of logs are you analyzing? SDC logs or Web logs?

If you are using web logs:

What platform/language does your site run on? Some languages have file type extensions that are not one of the 12 extensions Webtrends doesn’t count towards the licensed page views. For instance, some images in ASP.NET are created using a reference to a axd extension.

Increased views can also be from RSS feeds, monitoring software, or spider traffic if using web logs.

If you are not using SDC, see the following information on setting it up (free software, it simply needs a dedicated physical machines to run on).


If you are using SDC logs:

In the off chance you are using SDC logs already, make sure you are not analyzing logs while they are being written. For instance, if your logs are set to roll over every 24 hours, and you have your analysis set to every two hours and are using *.* for the filename in your logs directory, Webtrends will count the page views in your dcsbusy file during each analysis.

If you get about 200,000 page views per two hour period, this would be 200,000 page views the first analysis, 400,000 page views the second analysis, 600,000 page views the third analysis, etc.

This is because Webtrends determines a unique log file based on a hash of the log file, which will change if anything within the log file changes. So even though, in essence, it’s the same log file with additional data added, Webtrends will read it as an entirely new log file and count all records in it towards your licensed page views, each time it’s different than it was when it was previously analyzed.

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