Where can I find the profile’s dbinfo file?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Where can I find the profile’s dbinfo file?


During the troubleshooting process Webtrends Technical Support may request a profile’s “dbinfo” file to aid in diagnosing an issue with that profile. The dbinfo file is a comma-separated value (.csv) formatted filed that contains information about the profiles table sizes, reporting periods, sessions and miscellanous info.

To locate the dbinfo, perform the steps below:

1. Edit the profile. Under the “General” tab in the “Profile file name” field the profile’s globally unique identifier (guid) displays. Make note of the guid value.
2. Navigate to the following location in the Webtrends installation folder:
3. The folder will contain a file conforming to the following naming convention: <guid>_dbinfo.csv

Note: Copy the file and review the contents of the copy to ensure changes can be saved to the original if analysis is taking place at the time of review.