What is the definition of active visits?


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What is the definition of active visits?


Active visits from the Key Metrics Summary report is higher than visits from the same report period.

Visits are the number of visits to your site during the specified time interval. A visit is a series of actions that begins when a visitor views their first page from the server, and ends after 30 minutes of inactivity. The default idle-time limit is thirty minutes. This time limit can be changed by the system administrator.

An active visit is different from a visit in that an active visit includes visits that have not yet closed, whereby a visitor leaves the site or remains idle for longer than the idle-time limit.

For example, compare daily visits to daily active visits when the end of the report period is every day at midnight. A daily visit report will not include visits that start before midnight and cross over the daily boundary because those visits have not yet closed as they were still open at the end of the report period. A daily active visit report will include open visits without regard to the daily boundary. Active visits will therefore report a higher number of visits than a standard visit measure because active visits include all visits, even those not yet closed within the report period.