What happens to existing campaigns when changing campaign history from all to the most recent number of days?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


You want to change the campaign attribution setting from “Attribute all activity to the Most Recent Campaign” to “Attribute all activity to the Most Recent Campaign for [xx] days” for a profile with existing campaign history.


When campaign attribution is changed, it will only affect data that is analyzed after the change is made.

After this change, when a new visitor ID is encountered that does not contain a campaign ID in the hit, a Visitor History look-up is performed to determine if a campaign ID exists in the database. If it does, and campaign attribution is enabled, a comparison is made between the date of the current hit and the date that the campaign ID was generated in Visitor History. If the comparison yields a number of days greater than what the campaign attribution is set for, the campaign is not included in the report. If the number of days is less, the campaign IS included in the report.

More Information

A campaign ID is never removed from a visitor’s record in Visitor History, unless it is replaced by a newer campaign, or the visitor is removed due to trimming. Webtrends simply checks the date that a campaign ID was generated, and excludes it from the current report if it is older than the date range specified in the campaign attribution setting.