Referring domains shown in Pages report


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Referring domains such as Google and Yahoo! are listed for some of the entries in the Pages report instead of the primary domain. An example of this would be something like tc-in-f104.google.com.


This can result from when a visitor does a search on Google which returns results for the customer’s web site. When the visitor clicked the link to enter the site, the web server was, for whatever reason, unresponsive, after which Google then served the page from its caching server. The cached page fired the Javascript tag and sent the hit to the data collection server, but since Google served the page instead of the customer’s site, tc-in-f104.google.com would then appear as the host.

An examination of the log file will show something similar to what is displayed below:

2024-01-27 08:08:52 – GET /search q=cache:TJMH0X8rA0oJ:www.ford.co.th/servlet/ContentServer

In this example, the cs-host field contains the IP address instead of www.ford.co.th. This IP address is an IP address for one of Google’s cache servers. This IP address populates “tc-in-f104.google.com” as the domain name in the reports.

This will also occur on Yahoo!-translated pages. If you use Yahoo! to translate a page, it will cache the page, translate the cached value, then return a domain like “honyaku.yahoofs.jp.”

Additionally, is a Yahoo-cached page as well. This may appear in top pages as an IP address because it does not translate (no DNS resolution).