Is the WT.vr.rac Visitor History Campaign ID parameter added by the analysis on each hit or visit and how will this impact reports?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


The WT.vr.rac parameter is used to track a user across multiple visits. The parameter represents the Most Recent Campaign ID and is updated with each new hit of WT.mc_id encountered. However, the need may arise that only some specific Most Recent Campaign ID’s be included in a report or profile.


The analysis engine will query the value for WT.vr.rac only on the first hit of a visit, or when the value is changed from a hit with WT.mc_id. Additional hits by the same user will not have the WT.vr.rac parameter added to them by the analysis.

This means that if filtering for a specific Most Recent Campaign ID, a Hit filter will result in only the first hit of the visit being included in the report. A hit with WT.mc_id in it would also be included. When using a Visit filter to include a specific value of the WT.vr.rac, keep in mind the entire visit will be included. This will also include new WT.mc_id values that the user changes to within the same visit. Future visits associated with the excluded Campaign ID would not appear in the report.