Is the limit of thirty custom reports still recommended when using a 64-bit operating system?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


You are using a 64-bit version of Webtrends Analytics, and have been warned about the 30 custom report limit upon saving a profile and have questions as to whether or not this applies for 64-bit installations.


Due to the resources involved in analyzing data, we recommend no more than 30 custom reports to be enabled on any single profile. These are in addition to the many Standard reports that would already be included on the profile by default. In 32-bit versions of the application this would mostly affect how much memory was directly used by a profile. As increasing report numbers would result in increased memory utilization, system resources could be exhausted during the analysis of a profile. With 64-bit systems, the memory ceiling has been lifted and a profile can allocate more memory than was previously possible.

There is currently no hard limit in the application for the number of reports that can be attached to a profile, and although it is technically possible to exceed this number the recommended limit of 30 reports is still in place as a best practice. The reason for this is that profiles must complete in a reasonable amount of time. Despite the reduced memory limitations, and reduced likelihood of profile corruption from memory-related issues, there are still limitations as to how fast the profile can be processed, which is dependent on processor speed and other hardware specifications. On servers with significant resources, it may be safe to increase the reports above this number, but this may result in profiles taking longer to analyze and the system may be unable to keep up with the current data, from which each profile would begin to fall further and further behind. We therefore recommend limiting custom reports to 30 or less, depending on the capabilities of the machine in question.