In what order do Page Title retrieval operations occur?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


During analysis, Webtrends performs three lookups for Page Titles. An explanation of each lookup type and the order in which they are performed follows.


1. Page Title cache – During a profile’s first analysis, the analysis engine creates a cache file with the page titles parsed from the web logs analyzed. On each analysis the application first looks in this cache for a specific page to see if an entry already exists. These entries expire 14 days after they are first cached. If there is an entry for the page and it has not reached the 14-day expiration date, the title found is the one used for that analysis. If the entry in the cache has expired the analysis engine reverts to the methods below.

2. WT.ti parameter – If the URL includes the Webtrends’ title-specific “WT.ti” query parameter with a value, and no cached title was found using the previous method, the value of WT.ti is used. This value is then stored in the cache with a 14-day expiration date.

3. Page Title retrieval – If no page title is discovered using either of the methods above, the application sends a HEAD request to the URL for the page and looks for the tags in the header, then uses this value as the Page Title. This value is then stored in the cache with a 14-day expiration date.

Method one will always override method two, and method two will always override method three.