How does Webtrends count licensed page views?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
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How does Webtrends count licensed page views?


Webtrends counts licensed page views, or server calls, on a per log file basis. When Webtrends first analyzes a log file, a checksum is created to uniquely identify that log file so on subsequent attempts to analyze it (or re-analyze it), Webtrends knows that it has been analyzed before and the licensed page view count will not increase. Assuming the contents of the log file do not change, it can be analyzed any number of times without concern for increased page view usage.

During analysis, Webtrends parses each line in a log file and increments the licensed page view count after exclusions are omitted. The exclusions are as follows:

  • Non-page view extensions – This is a finite list, comprised of image file-types and ‘back-end’ files: gif;jpg;bmp;png;wbmp;jpeg;css;js;dtd;asmx;ascx;ico
  • Entries from Webtrends itself – Webtrends has a feature called “HTML Page Title retrieval” wherein the application will, at the time of analysis, make calls to the web server to pull the page titles for the pages shown in reports. These hits to the web server would normally represent additional traffic, but Webtrends knows to exclude itself from this traffic so these log file entries will never count as licensed page views.

To get detailed information about current licensing statistics:

  1. Open a command prompt while logged in as the Webtrends Service Account
  2. Navigate to the following location: \Webtrends\common\lib
  3. Type the following command and hit Enter: wtlicman -s

The output displays non-page view extensions as well as how many page views have been used to date for each anniversary year. The anniversary date is the date the product was installed (not to be confused with the maintenance date), and the anniversary month starts on the first day of that month every year. Upon the first successful analysis of data that falls within that anniversary year, a new yearly ‘bucket’ will open and the licensed page view count will start from zero for that year. Once licensed page views are exhausted for any anniversary year, deletion of profiles and/or data sources will not bring them back.