How do I configure Webtrends to analyze multiple child profiles concurrently?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


By default, Webtrends analyzes child profiles consecutively. Users would like multiple child profiles to run at once.


Edit the wtm_wtx.ini located in \Webtrends\stroage\config\wtm_wtx and set the following value:

MaxSimultaneousChildren = #

Where ‘#’ is the number of concurrent child profiles that will run at one time.

Each child profile is considered it’s own analysis, and will therefore need its own processor and 2GB of RAM to run on. So, for example, if the value MaxSimultaneousChildren = 3, you would need a machine with at minimum 6 cores and 12GB of RAM to do this, and the max concurrent analyses configured in the user interface would be set to one.

The value MaxSimultaneousChildren should only be modified for very powerful servers and when very small child profiles are being analyzed.