How do I change the currency symbol used in revenue-related reports?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


The currency symbol displayed in revenue-related reports differs from that used in the locale in which the log files originated, and it is necessary to change the currency symbol to accurately reflect the currency type for that specific locale. For example, a company that is based in the United States has a presence in Japan, and revenue shown in the reports from the Japan web site is shown with the U.S. dollar ($) currency symbol, rather than Japanese yen (¥)


To display a currency symbol other than what is shown by default, it is necessary to create a custom measure for the value to be displayed.

To create a new custom measure:

  1. Navigate to Web Analysis > Report Configuration > Custom Reports > Measures
  2. Select New Measure
  3. The last step of the process (Format) allows selection of the currency symbol.

Note: Creating custom measures requires Custom Reports.

Note: Webtrends does not convert the amounts from one currency to another, it only displays the numerical value captured in the log files.

The available currency symbols are as follows:
Argentinian Peso ($)
Australian Dollar ($)
Austrian Schilling (S)
Belgian Franc (FB)
Bolivian Boliviano (Bs)
Brazilian Real (R$)
British Pound ()
Canadian Dollar ($)
Chilean Peso ($)
Chinese Renminbi (RMB)
Columbian Peso (C$)
Czech Koruna (Kcs)
Danish Krone (kr)
Dutch Gilder (NLG)
Ecuador Sucre (S /)
Euro (?)
Finnish Markka (mk)
French Franc (F)
German Mark (DM)
Creek Drachma (Dr)
Hong Kong Dollar (HK$)
Hungarian Forint (Ft)
Indonesian Rupiah (Rp)
Irish Punt (IR)
ltalian Lira (Lit)
Japanese Yen ()
Korean Won (W)
Luxembourg Franc (Luf)
Mexican Peso ($)
New Zealand Dollar ($)
Norwegian Krone (kr)
Peruvian Nuevo Sol (S/.)
Polish Zloty (Zl)
Portugese Escudo (Esc.)
Russian Rouble (R)
Singapore Dollar (S$)
South African Rand (R)
Spanish Peseta (Pts)
Swedish Krona (kr)
Swiss Franc (SFr.)
Taiwan Dollar (NTD)
Thai Baht (B)
US Dollar ($)
Venezuelan Bolivar (Bs)