Gathering logs for licensing issues


Webtrends Analytics 9.x

Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Product licensing is failing without a known cause.


First, turn on glue logging by setting these values in \common\lib\wtliveglue.ini:

  • Api_trace=1
  • Api_profile=1
  • logdir=C:\Program Files\Webtrends\logs

Next, create the wtlmstat log :

  1. Create a file and name it wtlmstat.log file in the following directory: \common\lib\
  2. Restart the UI services after saving the file.

To generate prodlicclient.log, set these values in \common\lib\plservice.ini:

  • “Logging=ALL”

This will create a file named \common\lib\prodlicclient.log

If you haven’t been instructed yet to do so, generate a licensing status output:

  1. Open a command prompt while logged in as the Webtrends Service Account
  2. Navigate to \webtrends\common\lib
  3. Type in the following: wtlicman -s > output.txt

Look at \webtrends\common\lib\ folder, and you will see a file called output.txt.

Once you’ve done this, reproduce the issue by running another analysis. This will create all the necessary logs. Send the listed logs below and any screenshots to Webtrends Technical Support.

  • wtlmstat.log
  • prodlicclient.log
  • output.tx
  • Screenshots of the licensing error in Webtrends