File type appears more than once in Accessed File Types report


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


When viewing the Accessed File Types report, the same file type displays as two entries.


This results from the presence of leading spaces preceding the file extension, which counts as a distinct entry when compared to those without the leading space. Although Webtrends parses these as separate entries, the application will remove the leading space when displaying these in reports, thereby showing two entries for what appears to be the same value.

Entry with leading space:

Entry without leading space:

Entry displayed for both of the above in Accessed File Types report:

This is a problem in page design, possibly caused by accidentally hitting the space bar while setting a DCS.dcsuri value. The solution is to repair the page design so that this is no longer an issue. Doing so will affect the data in the Pages report because %20htm or any other page file types beginning with a space will not be listed in the Pages report by default. If these changes are made it is recommended that the profile be re-analyzed.