Can Webtrends Analytics be installed on VMware?


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Can Webtrends Analytics be installed on VMware?


In order to install Webtrends Analytics on a VMware machine, the VM instance must meet Webtrends’ minimum system requirements. Resources in the VM environment must be dedicated resources and cannot be shared.

Webtrends does provide support and troubleshooting for Webtrends Analytics on the VMware instance as if it were a non-VMware instance. Any questions or issues that arise specifically with VMware itself cannot be addressed by Webtrends support, other than verifying the appropriate resources to run Webtrends have been allocated to the instance on which Webtrends is running.

If an issue occurs when running Webtrends software on a VMware instance, Webtrends Technical Support addresses these as follows:

If Webtrends cannot reproduce the situation on a non-VMware instance then either:

VMware is the actual cause of the issue, for which the only solution will be to move the installation to a non-VMware environment for troubleshooting or there may be other applications within the VMware host that conflict with Webtrends.

Webtrends Technical Support will require the customer turn off all other VMware instances and installed running applications on the machine to determine if they are the cause. If deemed the cause, the customer will need to take on the task of moving the other applications to a new machine or else disable them.

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