Can I change the location where compressed log files are extracted?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Can I change the location where compressed log files are extracted?


During analysis, Webtrends extracts the contents of compressed log file archives into the following default location:

\WebTrends\modules\analysis\engine\[version number]\wtm_wtx\datfiles\databases\%PROFILE%\.logtmp

%PROFILE% is replaced by the globally unique identifier assigned to each profile.

While analysis takes place, the uncompressed log files, and all temporary files created during this process, occupy space on the hard drive in addition to the existing compressed logs from which the log files were extracted (if located on the local drive). This may result in drive space usage exceeding expectations, and it is thereby recommended that ample drive space be made available on the drive in which the analysis engine is installed to avoid the risk of exhausting drive space. The location of the folder to which compressed log files are globally extracted is fixed and cannot be changed.

The location of compressed log file extraction can be modified on a per-profile basis by performing the steps below. This may be a viable option for profiles using data sources containing very large compressed log files.

  1. Find the following file: \Webtrends\storage\config\wtm_wtx\datfiles\profiles\.wlp
    (Where matches the “Profile Name” value under the General tab when editing the profile.)
  2. Locate the [profile] section.
  3. Add the following line:
    tempdir =
    Example: tempdir = d:\temp

Note: All files in the specified folder will be purged with regular analysis. Ensure the destination folder does not contain files which must be retained.