Why does the Browsers report show both Firefox and Mozilla?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Both Mozilla and Firefox appear in the Browsers report. As Mozilla Firefox is a product of the Mozilla Corporation, it is expected there will be one entry for the browser.


Mozilla Firefox, being an open source browser, is the basis for a number of other browsers. As a result, entries categorized under Firefox will be the Mozilla Firefox browser, while variants of the browser not recognized by Webtrends appear as Mozilla. It is also possible that developers of a non-Mozilla based browser use “Gecko” in the User-Agent string, which translates to Mozilla in reports.


To review the Browsers recognized by Webtrends, edit the browsers.ini file found in the following location:


In browsers.ini, each browser is defined with two properties. The value for “log” lets Webtrends identify the browser by the string it detects in the cs(User-Agent) field of the log files. The value for “text” is what the application displays as the browser name in its reports.