Webtrends Report Exporter is not currently installed.


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


You are trying to export a report using Webtrends Report Exporter running on Windows Vista and get the following error:

WebTrends Report Exporter is not currently installed.

Because of user privilege restrictions in Windows Vista, Webtrends Report Exporter cannot be installed by the report export process and must be installed manually.

Please contact your system administrator for assistance.


Resolution requires a manual installation of the Report Exporter. Administrator rights are needed to install and use the product.

The Report Exporter can be downloaded from the URL displayed when the error message appeared. It can also be downloaded directly from the server of a software installation by using the URL below (modified to include the server name and port):


Select a location to download the installer and extract the contents when complete. In the folder to which the product was extracted, double-click install.bat to install the Report Exporter.

Download and extract the contents. In the Report Exporter folder, double-click the ReportExporter.msi installer to install the Report Exporter.