URLs in page-based reports displayed IP addresses instead of the domain name


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


The URL for pages in Page-based reports display as an IP address rather than a domain name. This occurs even though the domain name was entered in the Home field during the profile configuration.


This results when the cs-host field of the web logs contains the IP address rather than the domain or host name of the server. If the entry in this field is missing, displaying a hyphen (-), then Webtrends will use the web site URL in the profile’s Home configuration. If the cs-host field in the log has any other value, it will be used in the analysis unless the overridemultihome switch is enabled, in which case all entries are replaced by the web site URL from the Home section.

In cases where the IP address is found in the domain field, DNS resolution must be enabled for it to look up the IP address and convert it to a domain name. If DNS resolution is enabled but the Webtrends server is blocked from the DNS server (possibly due to DNS look-ups being considered denial-of-service attacks and access was therefore turned off), then whatever is in the domain field will be in the report’s IP address or domain name.