URLs containing /!ut/ from portal systems cause table limit issues


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Portal systems such as some WebSphere configurations create long URLs that have a /!ut/ followed by a unique URL string indicating the visitor session. Since the URL is unique to each session and page it can cause any URL based report (e.g., Pages and Path) to quickly exceed its table limits. New URLs and paths containing those URLs will not show in reports.


An example of how one of these URLs appears is shown below:


Increasing the table limits may work on systems with limited visitors and sessions, but in many cases there are too many unique URLs. The actual page is http://www.mydomain.com/site/section/ so by removing the portion from /!ut/ to the end of the URL will combine the divergent entries into a single page in reports. Use URL Search and Replace to shorten the URL.

Under Web Analysis > Report Configuration > URL Search/Replace, create a new definition as follows:

1. Provide the definition with a name.

2. In the Replace From drop-down menu, select from Start of first and type the following in the field below:


3. In the Up To drop-down field, select Start of next, check the box to Replace to ‘End of String’ if pattern is not found, then enter the following in the text field below:


4.Leave the With text field empty, or alternatively you can insert a short string to show you removed the long visitor session, e.g., “/ut-remove/”. Including a “!” may cause formatting issues in some export reports as applications such as Excel will interpret that as a new line/cell.

5. Check the box for Perform replacement only if the URL contains, then enter the following in the field below:


This ensures that only entries containing this value will be affected, reinforcing the definition entered above.

6. Save the changes, then edit the profile and under Advanced > URL Search and Replace, apply the new definition and save the changes to the profile.