“Unknown Language” in Languages report


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


When viewing the “Languages” report or any report using “Languages” as a dimension, a value stating “Unknown Langauge” is presented in the report data.


This happens when the WT.ul parameter is not present in the log files, or has been removed via a URL Search and Replace definition.

There is a known issue with the minified javascript generated from tagbuilder.webtrends.com; TagVersion 10.2.81 and later. Traffic generated from users of Internet Explorer to sites using the affected minifed Webtrends javascript will not generate a WT.ul value, causing “Unknown Language” to appear in the reports instead of the actual user language. Traffic from other browsers are not affected.


In the event that this behavior is being caused by the minified Webtrends javascript, you can easily fix this by finding this line within the javascript itself:

change to: