Unable to export reports in Internet Explorer 8 but can export in other browsers


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Users do not see the option “Save to file” as an export option or the export fails, but the user is able to export in another browser.


  • Verify that the WebTrends Report Exporter is installed in Add/Remove Programs ( or Programs and Features)
  • On the Command line: Verify the Java version of the plugin (preferably 1.6.0_17 or higher) from the command line using Java -version.
  • In Internet Explorer 8: Click tools-> Manage add-ons
  • On the left change the Show drop down to All add-ons
  • Enable the latest Java plugin ( there may be more than one) in the Enable both if there are two. (Enable button in lower right of window)
  • Verify Java Plug-in helper is also enabled.
  • Disable any others that might be listed.
  • Click close to save
Log back into the Webtrends user interface and verify the ability to export.