“This profile was recently restored” message displays when attempting to restore a profile


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


After restoring a profile, there is a need to restore the profile again. Attempting to restore the profile results in the following message:

“This profile was recently restored. To submit another restore request, you must first go to the Scheduler and delete the previous restore job for this profile.”


Restore events are cleaned up through the Database Cleanup routine which is run on its own schedule and can not be run manually. These events exist in the database even though they are not visible in the user interface, and until the restore event is removed from the database, it will not be possible to run another restore on a profile after it has been recently restored.


While it is recommended to wait until the Database Cleanup routine completes on its own, if there is an urgent need to restore the profile again immediately following a restore, then the following instructions will accomplish this.

1. Open SQL Management Studio.

2. Run the following query:

Select * from wt_sched.dbo.WT_Event where EventTypeID=’512′;

3. In the list of restored profiles, find the EventID number for the job you wish to resubmit

4. Once you know the EventID for the profile you wish to restore again, run the following queries replacing the “#” with the proper EventID value of the desired profile.
Note: Multiple EventIDs can be entered separated by commas. For example, (23,42,1,56)

Delete from wt_sched.dbo.wt_eventstatus where eventID in (#);
Delete from wt_sched.dbo.wt_parameter where eventID in (#);
Delete from wt_sched.dbo.wt_schedule where eventID in (#);
Delete from wt_sched.dbo.wt_taskstatus where taskchronicleID in (select taskchronicleID from wt_sched.dbo.wt_taskchronicle where EventID in (#));
Delete from wt_sched.dbo.wt_taskchronicle where eventID in (#);
Delete from wt_sched.dbo.wt_event where eventID in (#);

5. Resubmit the profile restore job in the user interface.