The SmartSource Data Collector fails to generate log files for Express Analysis


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


The SmartSource Data Collector generates log files for standard analysis, but fails to generate logs for Express Analysis.


This may result from issues with permissions whereby the application is unable to access Express Analysis log files in the specified location.

Confirm this by editing one of the recent .dcsaudit files with a text editor. The audit logs are located in the following folder:

\Webtrends\SmartSource Data Collector\logs\

If permissions are the cause, messages like the one shown in the example below may appear:

Failed to open the following file: C:\Program Files\WebTrends\SmartSource Data Collector\realtime\dcs-2009-01-15-18-04351-xxx03-02.dcsbusy
Current Method: lfmLogRecord::WriteLogRecord

Note: The “Current Method” value may vary, but relevant to diagnosing the cause is the fact that the file was inaccessible, regardless of what action was attempted.

In the example above, the path used includes a “realtime” folder within the SmartSource Data Collector folder. By default, the weblog folder will have the needed permissions, and any sub-folder it contains will inherit them. Other folders outside the weblog folder will not automatically be granted these same permissions. To resolve this issue, perform one of the following actions:

1. Assign full permissions be granted to the IUSR, IWAM, Service, and System accounts for the \SmartSource Data Collector\realtime folder.

Restart IIS.

2. Create a sub-folder within the weblog folder and modify the following file:

\SmartSource Data Collector\cfg\dcs.cfg

Locate the servicemodel section.

Modify the following line:


Change to:


Save the changes.

Restart IIS.