The Pages report shows secure pages using http, not https


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


The pages report shows secure pages with the “http” protocol, when “https” is the expected protocol.


By default, Webtrends does not distinguish between secure and non-secure pages. This being the case, Webtrends administrators can choose to have either one or the other show in the default Pages report, but not both.


To designate one or the other, follow the steps below.

1. Edit the profile, and under “Analysis > General > Profile File Name”, make a note of the profile’s guid.

2. Under “Analysis > Home > Web Site URL”, change the domain’s protocol to either http or https, then save the changes.

3. Open Windows Explorer on the Webtrends server, and navigate to the following folder:


4. Locate the .wlp file with the name corresponding to the guid in the first step.

5. Edit the .wlp file and under the [Profile] section, add the following line:


6. Save the .wlp file.

Once complete, these steps will have the effect of a) making Webtrends ignore the domains in the cs-host field of the log files, and b) use only the domain (and protocol) specified in the Web Site URL field of the Home tab.

Note: This work-around will only work for a single secure domain.

Additionally, for Webtrends On Demand customers,it is possible to build a custom report and filter on the auto-generated WT.ssl=1 parameter for secure content. This allow for building a report that contains only data passed where the protocol was https.