Selecting “Export Reports” in the user interface causes the page to refresh without displaying the export configuration screen


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


When viewing reports and the Export Reports dropdown menu is selected, the user interface refreshes but does not display the export configuration screen. This occurs regardless of the type of format selected for export.


This issue results from an entry in the database being incorrectly populated.


Edit the database and run the following queries to confirm the values necessary to export successfully are present:

SELECT SettingValue FROM wtmaster.dbo.wt_globalsettings WHERE SettingName = ‘Scheduled Reports URL’;
SELECT Data FROM wtmaster.dbo.wt_app_confdata WHERE section_id=’1′ AND key_id=’9′;

The values for both the wt_globalsettings and wt_app_confdata should return a value that matches an existing User Interface server on the local network that is capable of exporting reports and should look similar to the example below:


If the URL returned is invalid, the following queries will update the entries.

UPDATE wtmaster.dbo.wt_app_confdata SET data=” WHERE profile_id=’2′ AND section_id=’1′ AND key_id=’9′;
UPDATE wtmaster.dbo.wt_globalsettings SET SettingValue=’‘ WHERE SettingID=’36’;

(where [enclosed in single quotes] is a valid network address for a Webtrends installation with the “Webtrends – User Interface” service installed.)

If the URL does not exist in the wt_app_confdata table, you will need to substitute the wt_app_confdata query above with the following query.

INSERT INTO wtmaster.dbo.wt_app_confdata (profile_id,section_id,key_id,data) Values (‘2′,’1′,’9′,’);

After changing these settings, it is not necessary to restart the User Interface server or any other processes as they are pulled with SQL queries from the database when the user selects the export button.